A will is a legal testament of how you would want your estate to be distributed upon your death. It also defines other aspects of your life that you would want administered in your eternal absence. This could for example, be the guardian for minor children you leave behind. While it may not be the most comfortable thing to do, it is in your best interests to write a will when you are still in good health. Here are five reasons why.

To Have Your Wishes Complied With

Giving your wishes orally to the parties involved is not legally binding. It is therefore, imperative to have all this written down in a legally binding document. That way, your desires will be followed to the letter.

To Keep Intruders At Bay

Property is one of the coveted items in life. It can get people keen on making a fortune from your estate in your absence. In order to protect your assets from them, it is important to keep a legal guide of how your estate is to be distributed.

To Protect Your Kin From Each Other

You will want to leave your legacy to those who you care for. Among them, there are those who you may like to leave particular property to, and others you may like to leave your business interests to. While these may be your wishes, they may have already coveted specific things in your estate. Therefore, in order to protect your family from each other, and avoid wrangling and in-fighting, it is important to leave a written will.

To Leave A Legacy

Giving to charity is an honorable thing. It ensures that you leave an indelible mark in people’s lives. In order to do this freely and upon your death, it is vital to leave a will stipulating what you want to donate to charity.