The life you have lived on Earth is attested to by the estate you have accrued at the end of it. It is the legacy that you have left for your loved ones. You would create a last will that will be used for the distribution of this property as you desire it. Without this will, the government or state does the distribution of this estate based on the prevailing laws. These are some of the complications that arise if you have not left a will.

Time and Expense Spent in Search of Will

Your kin will, at the point after your demise, try to trace your will from your attorneys. The time they will spend in this endeavour will affect them negatively as they will be in their time of grief. They will also use funds in trying to locate the will. This difficulty can be avoided by writing a will in advance.

Gaining Estate Control

If you did not leave a will, your kin will go through the labourious process of gaining control of your estate through the court. This may, or may not work in their favour. If they are not awarded control over your estate, then the government will designate your property as it sees fit based on the prevailing laws.

Burial and Tax Expenses

If there is no will, there will be no allocation for the burial expenses. This means that your family will have to come up with the funds themselves. In this trying time, it becomes just one more burden to bear. In the absence of a will, the government will also tax your family heavily before giving them access to your assets.

Child Care

One of the most worrying elements of passing on is not being able to care for your minor children. If you do not appoint a guardian for them in your will, the state will appoint them one as it deems fit. Since you are the one who knows best who is right for them, it is best to write a will where you create a smooth transition.