Have you ever wondered what would happen if you died suddenly without being able to tell the people around that you love them? The answer lies in new digital services that help people come to terms with the death of their loved ones and allows the deceased to cease their digital life after they die. This new service is called a digital time capsule and is sold by several web users.

What Does a Digital Time Capsule Do?

Some apps and websites have made it possible for people that are still alive to upload video, audio, photos or text messages. These can be sent electronically to a designated person. This person can help organise a meeting, event and time that they choose to show their time capsule after their death. When a person dies, it is possible for friends and family to see the deceased person in the form of a conversation, movie or in any way that the deceased person sees fit.

What Are the Benefits of a Time Capsule?

There are several benefits to a time capsule such as leaving a farewell message which comforts people after a death. A digital time capsule can decrease problems with social media accounts and betting security after a person passes away. People with online betting accounts or social media need to make sure that their digital identity ceases and any money or important information is retrieved after their passing.

A digital time capsule can also give valuable advice about the future and how to deal with any of life’s challenges that come along. This is particularly important for children that lose a parent when they are young.

A digital time capsule is a fantastic way for people to show their love for their family and friends; it can prevent digital identity theft and provides guidance and advice to loved ones.